WHEN:           Saturday,  April 22 @ 10:00 AM
WHERE:        Clague Park Cabin in Westlake, OH –  Where the meetings have been held for many years.  
Clague Park is about ¾ mile south of I-90 and about 3 miles north of I-480, in Westlake, OH 44145 – at the corner of Clague Rd. and Hilliard Rd.  Westlake is about 10 miles west of downtown Cleveland.  
If you are arriving from the south, using I-480, and depending on your route, you may pass a small park on the west side of Clague Road that is also called Clague Park, but located in North Olmsted, OH.  It is about 1 ½ miles north of I-480, and is NOT the correct park.  The sign is small, and this park is not visible from the road -- Keep going north about a mile.

If navigating by GPS, the park entrance is across from the residence at 1581 Clague Road, Westlake, OH  44145  
This meeting will NOT have a donation can.  The participants of the last two meetings were generous, and some extra monies became available from a few of the items donated by the estate of Ron (W8KYD).
The Usual Note:
Dealers and profiteers are NOT welcome at meetings and will be turned away.  This is not a typical “Pay to Enter” Ham Fest, it is a gathering of Hams & SWL’s who enjoy and use vintage radios.  People who come with the intent ONLY to sit behind tables and sell items are not welcome. 

If you would like more information, please e-mail  to     Normally monitored  daily within two weeks of a scheduled meeting -- but weekly between meetings.

If you know anyone interested in vintage radio – Amateur or SWL – please pass the word along.

                                               K8DBN / Bill                           AC8PD / Mike                          W8ER / Larry