The Lake Erie Boatanchor Group met this morning, November 6th, at the Clague Park Cabin. It was a good meeting with lots of goodies on the tables. According to Al KB8MTZ the coffee and cookies were really good too! Al sent me some pictures that he took and here they are! Thanks Al :




Many of us have Boatanchor gear in our basement that could be put to use elsewhere. Our get togethers have seen a lot of gear and pieces and parts find new homes! This groups existence supports "repurposing" unwanted ham equipment and parts with friends.

Since the covid virus has limited our meetings, we came up with a new idea. This is not QTH.COM or QRZ.COM or Ebay. This is just like our meetings. It is NOT a substitute for other websites designed for Marketing and anyone wanting to sell gear should use those sites! 

If you would like to list something on "The Web Meeting" simply send me an email at my email address below (Larry W8ER). Please include pictures, if you can, for both "AVAILABLE" and "WANTED". A picture is worth a million words and draws attention to your post. If you are posting that something you have is AVAILABLE, a picture helps show just what you have and it's condition. If you are looking for something, a picture makes it clear!

Posting here is for LE Boatanchor Group participants only. The persons buying and selling must deal with each other directly and the Lake Erie Boatanchors group and this website owner accepts no responsibility for any representation made or transaction, in any way.

Click the tab under the main picture to visit the "Web Meeting"