LEBoatanchor Group Feb 22 2014

LEBoatanchor Group Feb 22 2014

Lake Erie Boatanchors Group

The Lake Erie Boatanchor group is a bunch of ham radio enthusiasts that have a huge appreciation for old ham radio equipment. There is no organization and no membership.

The meetings that we have are NOT hamfests! I wish to emphasize that. The meeting is a place to see friends and bring any old ham radio equipment that you wish to see passed on for use by someone else. All equipment exchanged at our meetings is done without regard to what the equipment may be worth on an internet auction site. We simply expect that you will personally use any equipment that you acquire at our meetings. Reselling any of this equipment and profiting from our generosity is strongly frowned upon and asking Ebay prices for equipment that you bring will not be welcomed.

-- L E B Group

Monday, August 14, 2017

New Meeting **Lake Erie Boatanchor Group October 28th Meeting 10:00 AM Clague Park Cabin

WHEN:     Saturday,  October 28th, 2017 @ 10:00 AM

WHERE:    Clague Park Cabin –  Where the meetings have been held for many years.
  Maps and pictures are below

Clague Park is about ¾ mile south of I-90 and about 3 miles north of I-480, in Westlake, OH 44145 – at the corner of Clague Rd. and Hilliard Rd.  Westlake is about 10 miles west of downtown Cleveland.  If navigating by GPS, the park entrance is across from the residence at 1581 Clague Road, Westlake, OH  44145 (just a few feet north)

If you are arriving from the south, using I-480, and depending on your route, you may pass a small park on the west side of Clague Road that is also called Clague Park, but located in North Olmsted, OH.  It is about 1 ½ miles north of I-480, and is NOT the correct park.  The sign is small, and this park is not visible from the road -- Keep going north about a mile.

The cabin is in a city park with a 2,500 sq ft open area, including a kitchen and sufficient tables for swap or sale items.  Parking is available immediately adjacent to the cabin.  The place is large enough to accommodate 150 people with Plenty of parking.

The rules of the city state that the keys cannot be picked up until 9:30 AM, so the building will not be open until about 9:45.  However, there will be a few of us in the parking lot and ready to open the doors for an on time start.  There will be two coffee urns there, but the coffee may not be ready until 10:15 AM – or close to it.  As in the last few get together, there also will be trays of small sandwiches, and a number of bagels, pastries and donuts.  We can do this since most attendees are willing to put a few bucks in the donation can…….Thank you all.
By now, everybody is aware these gatherings are VERY informal, with lots of good talk and another chance to meet face to face with the guys we talk with on the AM windows.  Of course, there is no charge for this activity; however, there will be a “Donation Can” for anybody who is willing to donate a few bucks to help defray the cost of cabin rent, coffee, sandwiches,  printing and postage (for those with no e-mail address), etc., etc.
If you know anyone interested in vintage radio – Amateur or SWL – please pass the word along.
However as stated before, we would like to make it PERFECTLY CLEAR, dealers and profiteers are NOT welcome and will be turned away  This is not a typical “Pay to Enter” HamFest, it is a gathering of  Hams & SWL’s who enjoy and use vintage radios.  People who come with the intent ONLY to sit behind tables and sell items are not welcome.

If you would like more information, please call:     Ron (W8KYD)   440-888-1904
                                                                                Bill  (K8DBN)    440-333-6644

NOTE:  While the Boatanchor web site --leboatanchors.com – remains the same, it does not accept postings or questions.  The new e-mail address is now  leboatanchors@aol.com..  During the switch-over to the AOL server a few e-mail addresses were lost. So, it is possible a very few regular attendees did not receive this notification.  If you hear of that, please let them know it was unintentional -- and have them notify us at the new e-mail address.