LEBoatanchor Group Feb 22 2014

LEBoatanchor Group Feb 22 2014

Lake Erie Boatanchors Group

The Lake Erie Boatanchor group is a bunch of ham radio enthusiasts that have a huge appreciation for old ham radio equipment. There is no organization and no membership.

The meetings that we have are NOT hamfests! I wish to emphasize that. The meeting is a place to see friends and bring any old ham radio equipment that you wish to see passed on for use by someone else. All equipment exchanged at our meetings is done without regard to what the equipment may be worth on an internet auction site. We simply expect that you will personally use any equipment that you acquire at our meetings. Reselling any of this equipment and profiting from our generosity is strongly frowned upon and asking Ebay prices for equipment that you bring will not be welcomed.

-- L E B Group

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Meeting Highlights from Ron Mayer W8KYD

The sign-in sheets listed 60 attendees including 11 who attended for the first time. We hope everyone signed in but I know two who didn't, Larry W8ER and Bill K8DBN "the BA bad boyz", so the actual count is probably a tad higher.

Longest distance traveled went to Dave WB3ETN all the way from Clyde Pa:
  • Scott, WA3FFC, Brookville, PA: 170 miles
  • Dave, WB3ETN, Clyde, PA,  306 miles
  • Gary KG8LB and XYL from Utica, MI.  182 miles

The first trailer load of boatanchor gear ever to arrive at our gatherings was brought in from the Steubenville, OH area by Ken, AB8KT. There were a lot of happy faces around the trailer and Ken gets our Santa Claus Award. Ken thanks for your participation and showing the true Lake Erie Boatanchors spirit! By the way Ken, the guy who purchased the Johnson matchbox worked on it this past weekend, fixed the switch, cleaned and polished the chassis, cabinet and knobs and will have it on the air, maybe tomorrow! Yes the picture to the left is what he did with it!

We had a special treat at this meeting, made possible by Ken K8TV. We were able to have, in addition to coffee and donuts, a couple trays of delicious sandwiches and a tray of specially made pastries. His donation help meet the cost of the February meeting which was approximately $250. Just so you know, it is your donation too that makes it all possible and I think everyone really enjoyed the food, the cabin and the company. We will do our best to make these meetings special!

Anyone is welcomed to share a concern, question, suggestion, etc. for future meeting enhancement. Please let Bill K8DBN, Larry W8ER, or Ron W8KYD know your thoughts as we only act as coordinators for getting LEBA fans together. Many thanks to you all for your support , and of course, the common interest we share with this vintage gear.