LEBoatanchor Group Feb 22 2014

LEBoatanchor Group Feb 22 2014

Lake Erie Boatanchors Group

The Lake Erie Boatanchor group is a bunch of ham radio enthusiasts that have a huge appreciation for old ham radio equipment. There is no organization and no membership.

The meetings that we have are NOT hamfests! I wish to emphasize that. The meeting is a place to see friends and bring any old ham radio equipment that you wish to see passed on for use by someone else. All equipment exchanged at our meetings is done without regard to what the equipment may be worth on an internet auction site. We simply expect that you will personally use any equipment that you acquire at our meetings. Reselling any of this equipment and profiting from our generosity is strongly frowned upon and asking Ebay prices for equipment that you bring will not be welcomed.

-- L E B Group

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lake Erie Boatanchors Meeting Saturday September 11 10:00 AM Coulby Park Wickliff Ohio

Larry W8ER and Tony K8TG
What a great day for a meeting of old BoatAnchor Hams! Coulby Park in Wickliffe was the meeting spot and the deals were on the table.  A pair of National NC-300's went for $40 each (with matching a matching speaker!). DX-60's, a DX-100, a nice Hammarlund HQ-150, an Eico 720 (with modulator and VFO) ... ahhhh the list goes on! To the left you will see a slide show that shows not only the equipment that I am speaking of but the smiling and intent faces of BA enthusiasts in heaven. If you missed it, you missed a good one!

Attending from afar was Mike N8ECR, Dave KA2J, and Mike W8WEQ. As you watch the slide show from today's meeting you will see a lot of familiar faces. Please feel free to watch the slideshow to the left and if you would like to look at any picture full sized, just click on it. You may use any of the pictures as they are in the public domain.

Following the BA meeting a small group stopped by AES's Cleveland store and a local pizza emporium for a late lunch.  It may sound like an old phrase but a good time was had by all!

Larry W8ER